The Mind

Intuitive Dialogue

These sessions are a space held for deep connection and communication, with yourself, your guides, and the vibrant energies available to support you.
To dialogue is defined as “to take part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem.” My style of intuitive “reading” is conversational, metaphorical, and centered around honoring your own wisdom.
While people frequently seek these kinds of sessions because they are grappling with complex questions about their lives, the goal is not to tell you what to do or to predict your future. It is to tune into the energy of your mind, connect with those energies and beings that you consider supportive to you, and help you reconnect with what you know deep in your heart.

Sometimes we can travel back towards experiences effecting you from the past, even from past lifetimes. And our work can also offer a glimpse towards the future, illuminating some of the possibilities of what could be. But my approach honors that we all have free will and choice, nothing is set in stone, and very often we have the power to make big changes in our lives if we are willing to be bold and expand our perspective.

Connecting with your intuition, is part of how we can learn to separate our understandable fears and worries, from our deep inner knowing about what we really want to be doing. Tuning in with the greater forces around us helps to find the balance between our personal goals and the overall benefit to our communities and relationships.

Intuitive Dialogue is collaborative, and it includes you! You will be invited to trust and share your own impressions that may emerge on our work. Meanwhile, I will use my intuitive skills as a medium and channeler to facilitate an exploration of whatever has brought you here. I cannot promise exactly what will happen, who will come through, or that you will receive the exact answers you want— but I can promise that you will have my undivided attention, care, and shared intention for your to receive whatever will be most beneficial for you in that moment.

Sessions are 55 minutes, and can be booked here. They are currently being offered at a reduced rate.

My Approach

I believe that we all have Spirit Guides, who have chosen to offer wisdom and assistance in moving through the evolution consciousness through our lifetime. We may also have guides in the form of benevolent ancestors and supportive energies. I believe in non-linear time, and that when we tune in on the level of energy, we can see the connections between experiences, relationships, and lifetimes that may seem very far apart.

We have many versions of ourselves that we step into and out of. Sometimes life events force us into these thresholds and periods of shedding, other times we choose them through making big and bold choices. It is especially in experiences of being in a void space, where nothing seems to make sense, that we benefit from connecting to supportive spirits and energies that can see a bigger picture beyond our current situation.

You do not have to hold the exact same beliefs to work with me, if you believe that there could be some force or energy beyond yourself, and some way to connect the idea of a wisdom that is not confined by what you can immediately see in front of you, that is enough. I'm not here to proselytize or convert you to my perspective. I want to meet you exactly where you are, with honor and respect for your spiritual beliefs as they are today.

Intuitive Dialogue sessions can be a great way to open up to your own relationship to your guides or supportive energies, or if you already feel that connection it can help you validate your experience.

Even those with strong intuitive skills can benefit from working with someone else, because no one is objective to themselves; sometimes we struggle to hear what our intuition is communicating to us because we hold resistance, trauma, or fear. Or sometimes we just don't like what we're hearing!

The tension between the larger picture across non-linear time, and the material needs of the present moment in this earthly realm, can be hard to balance. I aim to approach this work with reverence, along with a sense of humor.

If you're new, rest assured that I will explain the process at the beginning of our meeting. You will also have the option to record the session so you can reference it later.