Groups and Trainings

Groups for Therapeutic Support

I offer therapeutic groups on a sliding scale and donation basis as a financially accessible, community-focused way to receive support for the body, mind, and spirit. These groups are open to all, they are not "therapy groups" but offer a combination of healing modalities and peer to peer connection. In the individualistic approach to wellness and mental health in the United States, we are often lead to believe that groups are a less ideal alternative to individual work with a therapist or practitioner. In truth, community care is essential for healing and wellness and is a key component to lasting relief and healing. While a wide range of individuals attend groups, I especially welcomes therapists and spaceholders to join.

Following the pandemic, we need the opportunity to be in shared space now more than ever. The holistic nature of these offerings along with use of non-verbal modalities create a space for honoring your individual needs while holding space for each other. You are welcome to attend on your own, with other members of your household, or with a partner or friend! All groups are virtual at this time, and Restorative Reiki will continue as a virtual group.

Tiered sliding scale is available for ALL groups.

Weekly Groups: Restorative Reiki is offered as a monthly series on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm EST

Monthly/periodic Groups: Inward Vision (a hypnosis group for self-discovery), Restorative Reiki for Queer Folx, and Breathwork (themes change and are listed in booking portal)

Reiki Certification for Therapists

Reiki is a hands-on system of healing that works with all levels of the physical, emotional, and subconscious body. It is a well-known supportive therapy for a wide range of physical problems, and perhaps less known for its psychological and emotional benefits. The process of becoming certified as a Reiki Practitioner also initiates a healing process for the professional, because it requires the ability to be present, focused, mindful, and grounded. As a psychotherapist, I initially began to train in Reiki to provide myself support in coping with chronic pain. Reiki satisfied that goal, but in my first certification there was little space to consider how I might apply this practice within the discipline of psychotherapy. In finding a new Reiki Master Teacher, I was nurtured to explore how I might bring my unique perspective to the practice and incorporate it into the work I was doing clinically.

I fell in love with Reiki, which I now offer separately from psychotherapy, but also found that it has beautiful integration with my approach to trauma work on the existential and somatic level. I continued my training to become a Reiki Master Teacher so I could share this incredible system of healing with other therapists, deepening their professional practice and personal development.

Reiki Certifications in Levels 1 and 2 are offered privately in a small group setting, and are specifically tailored to the unique needs of psychotherapists (Level 1) and trauma workers (Level 2). Click here to view upcoming trainings for Levels 1 & 2.

Supervision for Professionals


I believes that the foundation for excellence in clinical practice begins with effective, skilled, and nurturing supervision. For the beginning professional, supervision offers the guidance and support to apply skills and knowledge, and develop one's individual style. For the more seasoned practitioner, it is the process of continuing one's growth after the formal education process has ended, and ensuring that objective feedback can be integrated into current work.

In addition to working with students, I am available for clinical supervision in private practice for Creative Arts Therapists and other Mental Health Professionals. I also offer consultation for those wishing to incorporate reiki into their psychotherapy work. My approach pays particular attention to incorporating anti-oppressive approaches to mental health, and emphasizing self-care and balance with personal needs.

Facilitating Trauma Healing: A Retreat Series for Professionals

This is an in-person offering, which I hope to begin again when it is safe to do so!

This retreat series explores complex intersections of trauma and personal identity, through the use of somatic, non-verbal, and unconscious interventions. Unlike many other trainings and retreats, this series offers a hybrid of professional training and personal healing/processing. The training portion is a combination of didactic and experiential learning, and each has a slightly different population focus; this allows for depth of learning for those who attend multiple retreats and also functions as a stand-alone learning experience.

The personal healing/processing portion follows the same format each retreat and is both an extension of immersion style experiential learning and an opportunity to process the personal and professional feelings associated with the topic.

As psychotherapists we are often in the position of asking our clients or patients to to be vulnerable with us and willing to share the most intimate moments, while frequently in professional settings we don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable with each other. The “professional boundaries” we are often encouraged to maintain with colleagues also block us from a much needed form of peer support. The nature of the modalities used is nonverbal and allows each participant to be in control of how much disclosure or direct sharing they are comfortable with; by participating in these modalities we have an opportunity to express and release together, with the group as a container.

The modalities used are

  • Ericsonian hypnosis (for exploring the unconscious and opening a channel of personal knowledge and memory)
  • 2-stage pranayama breathwork (an active meditation that deeply activates the somatic body and nervous system, allowing for movement and release of stored/stuck trauma and emotion)
  • and an art experiential to further express what has been revealed during the previous experiences

Another element to closing with an art experiential is it offers time for informal sharing and the opportunity to create a physical record of the experience that you can take with you.

This retreat series was created partly in response to her own experience with preventing burnout in long-term work with traumatized populations, using the modalities that have been instrumental to her own processing.

Retreats are currently paused for safety due to COVID-19.


Mikella (she/they) is a licensed Art Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnosis practitioner, Breathwork facilitator and teacher/trainer in New York City. She has a passion for helping folx to recognize and cultivate their innate strengths, and to promote wellness through mindfulness, insight and creative process.

In the last five years she has obtained training in facilitating breathwork, in addition to Ericsonian Hypnosis with the NLP Center of New York and Integrative Hypnosis Center in order to offer these modalities to others. Mikella has always been a proponent that community settings create the best possible container of healing work, and aims to build a community space within these retreats for professionals to learn and grow with each other.